I start every year with a set of goals.

To be more efficient, more successful.. to be someone important.

Then I get to the end of my year with a sense of emptiness like I haven’t achieved anything at all.

These holidays I did something I had never done before … I took a break.

I slept in, I spent my mornings in bed with my boys instead of begging them to finish their cereal, I went for walks, I sat in the sun and ate lots and lots of food.

I also had the chance to look and  reflect on the last 6 years and how I’d lost sight of what really matters.

When I look at the images below – I see what I felt over my break. Calm, contentment, emotion, laughter and most importantly love. Full blown heart bursting love.

I got to capture that.. I did that… I woke up every day last year .. put on my active wear (doing nothing active lol), opened my studio doors and welcomed another family who I connected with and became part of their story.

My goal for this year is one –

Keep doing what i’m doing. Keep creating memories for families because its important…. and continue wearing active wear without being active.. ok so I have 2 goals.

 Appreciate what you do for others, appreciate your talents, appreciate what you have to offer the world. Chase nothing but dreams and happiness and leave the rest behind.


You are already more important that you know.


Happy new year guys, lets make some more memories



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